Pulling the SPCs from the Ocean… with a Friend

The SPCs are still undergoing maintenance and we recently retrieved them from the pier with friendly cephalopod stowed away under our device. The sucker was a little attached, but we managed to safely return him to the sea. After handling the stowaway, we cleaned off as much kelp and barnacles as we could, then prepped the SPCs for dismantlement and a deep clean. Once they are refitted and redeployed, we will post an update here. Big thanks to our divers, Rich and Taylor, for helping get the cameras out of the water!

2021 JOSA A Emerging Researcher Best Paper Winner!

A committee of editors from the Journal of the Optical Society of America A (JOSA A) choose our paper on Plankton reconstruction through robust statistical optical tomography for the Best Research Paper Prize! They were particularly impressed by the thoroughness of the study and the clarity of our presentation. Check out the above link if you want to learn more about this topic.

Continued SPC Maintenance

The SPCs still need additional maintenance and software updates. The cameras are currently turned off and we are making adjustments as we speak. If you’re missing out on your daily dose of plankton, please visit this secondary site where our Swiss colleagues are posting live images from a lake in Switzerland. Once the cameras are back on, we will post an update here. Thank you!