Swell and Sand

A moderate west swell of 4-6 feet is hitting the pier today and should last through Wednesday. As the swell brings more wave and surf action near the cameras we see a large increase in the abundance of suspended sand particles. A few examples are shown below.

SPC2 Sand Particle
SPC2 Sand Particle
SPCP2 Sand Particle
SPCP2 Sand Particle


View Port Check

Paul and Eric free dive to check the view ports of the cameras and confirm the water jet cleaning system is working well after the first week.

Cameras Online

After the initial deployment on March 11, 2015, both cameras are now up and running and have been for a few days. Below are a few example images from the cameras. Many, many more can be viewed through the  SPCView Image Browser





Pier Installation

Photos of the installation of the cameras with the SCCOOS CTD/Fluorometer at the scrips pier. Photo Credit: Eric Orenstein