Amphipods in the Month of May

Below is a collection of images from the SPC2 camera taken during the month of May 2015. These appear to be mostly molts from some kind of amphipod with a body length of 3-5 mm and are seen very rarely in the camera. Only 17 ROIs detected out of the over 20 million frames processed by the camera in 30 days.

A look inside

We recently upgraded some of the hard drives and network card in the server that stores the over 40 million rois from the cameras and hosts this website. This is a standard build from System 76. Here are a few images of what is inside the server

IMG 20150512 102655
A full set of 8 drives in two, RAID 10 configurations giving a total of 20 TB of redundant storage with 2x access times.
IMG 20150512 102643
The 64 GB of RAM and dual, 8-core CPUs
IMG 20150512 102631
The server chassis showing the cooling fans, motherboard, PCI slots, drive bays, and redundant power supplies

Cleaning Dive

Eric and Paul spent about 1 hour diving to clean the cameras and replace the intake filters on the port jet pumps today. There was tons of growth and a moderate swell to make for an entertaining dive. Below is a video taken after the cameras were cleaned

Tuesday Port Cleaning

A few videos of the system recorded during a weekly port cleaning. We see a lot of lobster and a lot of growth on the frame and cameras.